Music at ODNT

We hope you enjoy what you hear and to enquire about sync licensing or to record a cover version of any of these songs, please contact us via our contact page.

Genre: Kids

Please hear KIDS tracks available for sync and cover recordings.

Christmas (W)rapping (Mullan)

Count On Me (Martin)

Days When We Were Young (Mullan)

Friends Are Magic (Mullan)

Grandma's Magic Wireless (Mullan)

Hey Banana! (Mullan)

I'm Special (Mullan)

If I Were A Knight Of Old (Mullan)

If I Were A Pirate Remix (Mullan)

If I Were A Witch (Mullan)

If I Were The Man In The Moon (Mullan)

Quack Quack (Mullan)

Quacker The Duck (Martin)

Rampot The Robot (Martin)

Toys (Martin)