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Old Dogs New Trax Limited is a new company spearheaded by hit singer songwriter David Martin. As part of the Arnold Martin Morrow songwriting team, his songs have sold in excess of 30 million worldwide and among the hits include; Barry Manilow (Can’t Smile Without You) Number 1 in the USA, Guys and Dolls (There’s A Whole Lot Of Loving) Number 1 in the UK and no less than four songs recorded by the King of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley. David is delighted to be able to introduce two new names to the songwriting world, Graham Noon and Ian Williams.

David Martin

"I have known Anton Mullan for over 20 years. He is both a consummate musician and talented songwriter. These days he resides in Bristol although his roots are firmly planted in Liverpool, where as a young, up and coming guitarist, he played alongside John Lennon and George Harrison in a variety of start up bands. His CV below speaks for itself and I am glad to welcome Anton as part of our creative team.

'I am delighted to have discovered and introduce my two good friends Graham Noon and Ian Williams to you all. They are both talented singer/songwriters, Graham has played with an array of artists over the years; Geno Washington, Jimmy James, PP Arnold and Eighties band Blue Zoo. Graham also has his own busy working recording studio 'Eversfield Studio’ Recent years have seen his songwriting skills develop, the evidence of which, can be heard below. Ian Williams is what we term a 'late developer' in the world of music. A successful businessman, his obvious and natural singing and songwriting skills, have played second fiddle to his working life. Launching this site enables me therefore, to not only bring new songs of my own to the music business but to also introduce the special talents of Graham and Ian .. I hope our songs strike a chord and as a precurser to exploring our website I thought this little 'story behind the song', might inspire any new writers who log in.

Truth is, I had no idea that a card I was given from a close relative, would inspire me to write a song 'Cant Smile Without You'. A song that would eventually reach the Number 1 spot in the USA, as recorded by the legendary superstar Barry Manilow. Neither did I know that the song would be recorded and performed by a host of other artists including The Carpenters, Englebert Humperdink, Boyzone, Andy Williams, and would also feature in a stage production of the same name, starring Chesney Hawkes  which toured the UK. The musical,“Can’t Smile Without You” featured Manilow songs, and was produced by theatrical impresario Bill Kenwright! The song has also been featured in a number of big feature length movies including Four Weddings and a Funeral, Hell Boy 2, Male Gigolo, Starsky and Hutch and is currently in the new Bruce Willis movie.

All of this happened via my own original recording of the song and the belief of my publisher at the time Arthur Braun, who worked for the Dick James Organisation. It was Arthur who took the song to Music Mogul Clive Davies, boss of Arista Records, and it was Clive who persuaded  Barry Manilow to record it. All of this just goes to show, that any song we write may have such a potential fate and if we believe enough, then our dreams can come true. I hope you enjoy exploring ODNT and remember that from little acorns large trees can bloom and blossom and in the launch of this new Website, we believe we have some musical treasures waiting to be discovered."

Selection of Artists and song numbers attributed to the pen of DM:


Elvis Presley...     4 songs

Cliff Richard…     2 songs

The Shadows …  2 songs

Barry Manilow.. . 1 song

David Essex…     2 songs

The Carpenters…1 song

BBC Choir …       1 song

Guys and Dolls... 10 songs

Butterscoth …     10 songs

Jack Jones …      1 song

Mamma Cass...    1 song

Sandy Shaw...      1 song

Englebert H …      1 song

Cilla Black …        1 song

Wayne Newton     1 song

David Stark of SongLink and David Martin of ODNT giving a 'thumbs up' to the joining of forces.

www.davidmartinsingersongwriter.com (Release date April 7th 2014)

Anton Mullan

Over the past 45 years Anton has written music in many styles and genres and for the last 20 years he has successfully written music for the BBC CBEEBIES Children's Channel. Two of his most successful and current shows include; 56 episodes of 'Big Cook Little Cook' and two series of 'Get Squiggling'. Anton is also most proficient at writing to deadlines, and has often worked through the night to come up with a theme or two, for a producer who has been let down at the final hour.

Anton was born and raised in Liverpool and served his ace guitarist apprenticeship, playing for a number of Liverpool bands, which included the great John Lennon and the equally great, George Harrison. In the late 60's, early 70's, he formed a new band TRILOGY, one of the first ‘heavy/progressive’ bands of it's time. The band proved very popular on the college circuit, featuring amazing light shows, and strong professional stage productions!

He first started writing for TV in 1974. His early work was for BBC Manchester, where he demonstrated his ability to write music for younger audiences. He was the writer on the Rod Hull & Emu show, as well as Cheggars Plays Pop, working with Peter Ridsdale Scott and Hazel Lewthwaite. It was about this time that he also wrote; A QUESTION OF SPORT, one of the longest running sports quiz show. Anton moved to Bristol in 1976 and started working for the legendary John King at the BBC NATURAL HISTORY UNIT… Over the next ten years he would write most of John’s music including: THE WORLD ABOUT US, KING’S COUNTRY, NIGHT HUNTERS, DAVID BELLAMY, THE ARTISANS, WEST COUNTRY TALES, DAVID ATTENBOROUGH Programmes, SIMON KING, BEYOND THE FOAMING HORSE, WILDLIFE ON ONE, DONANA, MAGGIE’S MOOR, SURVIVAL Programmes…. BENNY HILL, LITTLE & LARGE, DIANE SOLOMON etc….

He first became interested in writing music for children when his daughter, Carrie, was born. He rushed out and purchased baskets full of kid’s tapes. The proud dad in Anton also couldn't resist letting you know that Carrie is the little girl who starred with Kate Winslet in ‘Hideous Kinky’ spending three glorious months in Marrakesh (Some kids have all the luck !!)

He was determined to write music for children that didn't make the parents want to leave home. So, while he was signed to EMI, he came up with the angle for KIDULT music. This led to two great projects, LET’S GO TO DINOSAURLAND, and the follow-up LET’S GO TO THE CIRCUS. Both were signed to EMI and did very well, especially in Europe.

For the past fifteen years, Anton has also written most of the music for ex HTV man Richard Edwards. Richard left HTV to form his own company Element Productions. Anton wrote a bountiful array of work for HTV programmes including; West Country Farming, Canned Fillers and Welsh Crafts. He also wrote the music for the Homelands programme for BBC Wales and one for David Bellamy entitled Welsh Herbs.

Anton's talents even stretched to the the Far East, where he wrote Station Idents for STAR TV network, and also enjoyed the experience of working with RUPERT MURDOCH! His music graced The Chinese Channel, with yet more idents for MICKEY MOUSE and THE DISNEY CHANNEL to boot!

Anton was very proud to have worked with Jo Adams on the highly successful joint DISNEY/ITV project called THE ANIMAL ALPHABET and ANIMAL NUMBERS, a series of pre-school songs for the tv/video/audio formats. The released DVD was voted Number One by parents in America as the favourite pre-school kid's programme. His experience at putting music to animation shone through on this project.

It's not at all hard to see, that this biography could go on and on but suffice to say that Anton has achieved a multitude of plaudits during his illustrious career, to which can also be added his role as MD for the New Seekers, 'Teach The World To Sing', his accompanying on the Bass guitar for the Rock super idol Chuck Berry and perhaps his own most proud achievement, the writer of the United Nations 50th Year Celebration composition, 'Spread Peace All Over The World', which relayed its inaugural performance in the White House. We thought it fitting however, to end with a few words from the man himself...

“All in all, I’m a (busy!) musical mercenary who loves the job. I listen to direction, don’t miss deadlines and STILL have all my own teeth! Playing eight hours a night at the Blue Angel in Liverpool all those heady years ago, you learn to, as the great John Lennon once said to me, ‘suss out your audience, Anton’... I hope I've managed to do just that.”... With Love... AM

Graham Noon

Music was always around the NooN household from an early age, Graham’s grandfather a choir master, composer and fellow member of the Royal College of organists. His great aunt Gladys a session violinist for the BBC in the 1930’s and his father a saxophonist. In his teens Graham developed his skills as a musician, keyboard player, playing at gigs from an early age with his father and various bands. Aged 19 the opportunity arose to support U2 at an outdoor festival (Knebworth). U2’s debut album BOY had just been released and Graham played to a 20,000 strong crowd. From that day on he knew music would be his focus in life.

Throughout the 1980’s Graham’s career flourished working with the likes of Chris Squire’s (YES), Andy ‘O’ from New Wave band BLUE ZOO, Enid Williams (Girl School) and Dave Parsons (Sham 69). At this time Graham also developed his production skills working in various studios as an engineer / producer. In 1985 a song writing partnership with Andy ‘0’ lead to a publishing contract with Warner Brothers Publishing. Throughout the 90’s Graham continued his musical career and also forged a new partnership with Akai Musical Instrument Co and in 1999 he became UK President of the Akai Corp.

In 2001 Graham set up Eversfield Recording Studios in Horsham West Sussex. It was at the studio that he met up with his ODNT partners Ian Williams and David Martin.

"Graham is delighted to announce the release of his new solo album NOON - 100 YEARS ON"

1. You're Worth It

2. Inevitable

3. I Can Wait for Love

4. 100 Years On

5. Love Won't Let Me Down

6. I Don't Wanna Fight

7. Hole in the Head

8. Searching

9. Your Love's Still Living in Me

10. Familiarity

11. The Story so Far

12. Thank You


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Ian Williams

Ian is a successful business man, with Car Dealerships in Surrey and South London. He joined the Motor Industry in the mid-seventies after being sponsored by a Croydon Car Dealer who provided support and sponsorship, while he was a young Speedway Rider for Wimbledon Dons. A far cry from anything musical.  Ian's racing career began at a very early age, with him joining Junior Grass Track at 12 which led to him becoming the British Junior Grass Track Champion at the age of 15.

A family man with 5 children and 3 grandchildren, Ian has always been a music lover and played guitar and keyboards in his bedroom as a young boy. Despite family encouragement, he never had the urge to sing or perform publicly. His two sons and three daughters all sing very well and it was while collecting one of them from a singing class in Brighton, that a new chapter in Ian’s life was to open. They needed to write a song as part of their home-work and Ian thought ; 'I might as well give it a go'. 

So, as a  ‘late starter, Ian ‘kinda’ stumbled into the music world by being inspired to write a song ‘A Little Like You’ for his late father who had died at a very young age. He sent a basic ‘cassette’ demo off to a music publisher who loved the song and Ian’s FIRST attempt at songwriting, amazingly, resulted in a publishing deal.  Since then, fuelled with enthusiasm, Ian has taken his songwriting a little more seriously and has now a catalogue of ballads and love songs, based around his family and personal experiences, which he would like to share with you. 

Ian was introduced to Graham Noon shortly after Ian’s 1st song was published in 2002. This has been a fruitful and very enjoyable relationship where he and Graham have not only become very good friends, but meeting up has enabled them to work together in providing professional arrangements and productions of Ian’s songs at Graham’s studio in West Sussex. 

Ian is very proud and privileged to join Graham and the ‘Master’ Singer Songwriter David Martin, in their new Venture ‘Old Dogs New Trax’.

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